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RustyPlanet XxX

Welcome to RustyPlanet XxX server powered by GS-GAMESERVERS.COM

The best starter PvP server you will find in RUST! We have noob protection for 2 days, so you get a fair chance!
Go to gs-gameservers.com for more info and kits. We also host our own discord
We reward players for voting! Type /vote to get started

Very active admins and moderators! We strive to make the very best PvP server in RUST! It’s NOT cheap, so we very much appreciate any donations, which we award with great kits and in-game features. Many of our plugins are custom and exclusive for gs-gameservers.com

We also host our own discord
We use REX banking.. You should try it!

Loot, Bgrade, Teleportation . Events. Recycler. Vip+ And Many More