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Void Inc.

Hello, some friends of mine and I have made a rust server for people who want their bases to not be destroyed as long as they are active. We welcome anyone as long as they respect other users. We use Oxide and are ready with a Starter Kit that we can spawn in for you. I hope you will enjoy and remember to read the rules.

- No Intentional Wiping
- Oxide Plugins:
- Auto Lanterns
- VPN Block
- Third Person
- Factions (Broken)
- Backpacks
- Skip Night Vote
- Sign Artist
- Others may be added later


1. Respect other players. (e.g. harassment, flaming, trolling, etc.)
2. Respect admins, and their decisions, we have the right to make what ever decision and will stand by it. Please do not ask for admin at all.
3. Do not hack or cheat, this will result in a permanent ban.
4. Do not advertise your own server or anyone else's for any game.
5. Rules are subject to change.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/rZvVf8s

Owner: thakyZ

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